Reviews and testimonials

Calling Dr.Feel Good’ You won’t be disappointed with this one.Buy it.

Ben Dover / Customer

Slow service but incredible quality. Appreciate y’all

Emma Hubert / Customer

Real shit. Y’all should try the Green k2, shit is fire

Bob / Customer

1 hit quick and I’m a experienced toker… Will purchase another for sure. Good aroma and not harsh on your throat at all… Nice and smooth

Smith047 / Customer

The diablo is my favorite blend ive had and ive tryed well over 50+ very potent good stuff. Ordering more as you read this.

Emmet / Customer

Is an A++

Ricardo / Customer

There are no words on how to describe how good this stuff hit quit, amazing stuff. Highly recommend to anyone

myers048 / Customer

Wow…this stuff is no joke. Be careful only time something like this has gotten away from me.

ricky2001 / Customer

Bag is nice and full, no doubt of that. If any negatives its the amount of stems and sticks in the bag, also not the nicest blend, as it is a little rough on the throat. Other than that its a very nice blend, top notch as far as potency. Like a rocket ship for a good ten minutes. Always wish I had more when the sack runs out. I’m a veteran user of 4 plus years and this is some of the best on the market at this time.

sophia32 / Customer

I can’t smoke weed because I drive semi trucks so I ordered this. After failing to find other alternatives to get me “stoned” like damiana and wild dagga I found this website. Bizzaro. was my first purchase. I’m normally more of a “blunt” man so I rolled a blunt of Bizarro. I hit the blunt 2 times and I was GONE. 1 blunt of this literally lasts me all day. to me, this is better than the “illegal” stuff.

kylie1997 / Customer

Nothig to say but so far this is the best shit I’ve ever purchased in the market. Not giving a five star cause of poor packaging. Hope y’all look into that asap…

nardy / Customer

i have had 4 different versions of this now. the first kind got from a friend and ridiculously strong…. got it from a different website and was bunk…… got it from here 2nd now and the first time from here was really strong and from a different company. second time i got it was awesome!! i have ordered it a 3rd time now and its on its way!!!

kurt / Customer